“Tolerance” Gone Awry

This is a post from a blog that my friends at Coram Deo Church in Omaha, Nebraska recently put on their blog. I thought it was an interesting read.


You thought racism was a problem? You thought gay rights was a hot-button issue? Not anymore. The latest craze in the politically correct push for “tolerance:” fat rights.

A friend in Hollywood pointed me to an article in today’s LA Times that chronicles the  madness:

Marilyn Wann of San Francisco is among the nation’s fat activists. She became passionate about defending the rights of fat people when she was denied health insurance based solely on her weight. …She now does corporate training to promote fat acceptance in the workplace. She’d like to change two beliefs: that people chose what they weigh, and that weight equals health. Both are false, she says.

Size tolerance, fat-acceptance activists say, should be right up there with religious tolerance, ethnic tolerance and gay tolerance. “It’s the culture that has to change,” says Judith Matz, director of the Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating. “I look forward to the day when fat phobia becomes as intolerable as racism.”

Really? more here


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