Ralph Erskine Hymn

I came across this hymn recently concerning the law and the Gospel. It was written by a Scottish minister from the 1700s named, Ralph Erskine. I know next to nothing about the man, but I really like the hymn a lot. Here’s to sharing.

The law supposing I have all,
Does ever for perfection call;
The gospel suits my total want,
And all the law can seek does grant.

The law could promise life to me,
If my obedience perfect be;
But grace does promise life upon
My Lord’s obedience alone.

The law says, Do, and life you’ll win;
But grace says, Live, for all is done;
The former cannot ease my grief,
The latter yields me full relief.

The law will not abate a mite,
The gospel all the sum will quit;
There God in thret’nings is array’d
But here in promises display’d.

The law excludes not boasting vain,
But rather feeds it to my bane;
But gospel grace allows no boasts,
Save in the King, the Lord of Hosts.

Lo! in the law Jehovah dwells,
But Jesus is conceal’d;
Whereas the gospel’s nothing else
But Jesus Christ reveal’d.


2 thoughts on “Ralph Erskine Hymn”

    1. I’m assuming you’re stating these facts because you find them disagreeable in regards to Erskine. This post was not intended to be an endorsement of the man (of whom I know little), so much as these words he wrote. We can still delight in the Gospel as portrayed in this poem regardless of his life, however it should be viewed.

      Thanks for your comment though. And for visiting the blog!

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