Haiti-Prayer Request

Well, hello strangers. I’m sorry that I have been utterly pathetic about keeping this blog current. Life has taken a few turns as of late that have consumed their fair share of my time. I’m not complaining though. In fact, I can’t think of a time in which I have felt more joy in my life. I truly believe that where I am right now is exactly where God wants me to be. He continues to gently whisper affirmation in my ear each time an obstacle presents itself as potential destruction to me. He labors for me. He leads me. He cares for me. And He continues to remind me that He wants to use me despite me.

These past few months have consisted of me stepping into my first full-time post-graduation job with Hill Country Bible Church UT. My official title is “Group Life and Missions Resident.” Basically, that means I oversee all of the small groups within the church as well as each mission trip we will be sending out over the course of the next school year. A year ago, I probably would have laughed off any comment about me being in ministry in the capacity that I am today. Yet here I am and I would not ask to be anywhere else.

The missions aspect of my job has brought with it some exciting opportunities. The most notable of these is a plane ticket to fly to Haiti on Monday and spend the week observing the relief efforts of Mission of Hope Haiti. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that our church sponsored a fundraising campaign called 10 For Haiti back in the spring semester of this year. Well, it didn’t die over the summer and at the end of August, we were blessed with the chance to write a check for $100,000 to Mission of Hope Haiti’s relief efforts. Bear in mind, this was after our students raised nearly $15,000 in a matter of a month.

Ever since the earthquake back in January, God has placed Haiti on my heart heavily. Over the summer, we felt that a spring break mission trip to Haiti would be largely beneficial and well-received with the people of Hill Country UT. We plan to send a group of 20-30 people over there to spend a week serving alongside MOHH, serving the downtrodden, and sharing the Gospel through word and action with people who desperately need hope.

So I will be flying into Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti, on Monday evening with two other men on staff at Hill Country UT. We are going to use the week as a time of discovery to bring back information to those interested in the trip we will be sending over spring break. As I get set for this journey, a few things have been weighing heavily on me. And I would ask that you pray for me in these:

1) The closest I have ever come to visiting a genuinely poverty-stricken area of the world is when I went to Rome back in ’08. And that really wasn’t anything in comparison to what Haiti is going to be like. From what I hear, most of the restoration efforts have just been able to push the rubble out the street so that life can simply carry on. The whole area is still in shambles. Pray that God would bring true humility in me as I exist within a community that has lost everything.

2) I am wary of the fact that when I get back to the States, my heart will more than likely be broken for the situation over there. Pray that I would not develop an ungodly hate towards the culture in which we live, but instead a steady conviction to live in humility and simplicity in glorifying God.

3) Pray that God would defend our hearts from evil.

4) Ultimately, pray that God would speak gentle whispers of encouragement to all of us that bring about further life transformation in our lives so that He can reflect more fully the grace given through His Son, Jesus Christ.

I am very excited to spend this next week in Haiti. If I have time, I hope to spend some time journalling about each day so that I can type it up as a blog later.

Thanks to everyone who spent time reading this! I love you all and I”ll do my best to update this more often!


One thought on “Haiti-Prayer Request”

  1. love your requests. esp. the one about how you will react to the American culture when you return. that happened to me when i came back from a couple trips when i was younger. took me awhile to realize God places us each moment where we need to be.

    your open heart is an encouragement to read….will pray for significant opportunity for you to recognize God’s intricate timing in your life and the lives of those you share moments with. love ya.

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