Fourth of July/New Camera

As I’m sure everyone knows, yesterday was the Fourth of July and this past weekend my parents stopped by Austin to give me and my wife-to-be our wedding present from them: a Nikon D5000 SLR Digital Camera. I’ve never had one of these before so I’ve been salivating over the opportunity to use it. Here are a few shots of me starting out. Enjoy!

Brittany and I started off the day with a good hearty breakfast.

Frying some bacon for breakfast









This is how every Fourth of July should begin











Brittany getting a head start on dinner.

Making dinner










Then I took a walk around her apartment complex to see what I could find.





























That evening, we had dinner with our good friends, the Padulas.

Dinner with the Padulas














Orange-glazed chicken, creamy mac and cheese, and fresh garden salad











American flag cheesecake










Unfortunately, this year there was a burn ban in Travis Country. This was as close as we got to seeing live fireworks.









Petey is a true celebratory patriot.


2 thoughts on “Fourth of July/New Camera”

  1. how fun!!!! ok, this is spoken like a true mom.
    where are the pics of the cool parents who gave you the cool camera???!!!

    ok….now back to just bein’ a blog commenter….
    you will REALLY enjoy having this! and the honeymoon pics should be awesome! 🙂

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