Misplaced Hope

It rarely fails that once or twice a week I consider deleting my Facebook account after reading the statuses/memes/videos/articles that others post as faultless fact. What used to be a casual activity in keeping up with one another has now become an exhausting marathon of wading through the opinions, the vitriol, the absolute certainty that one point of view is superior to another. You find partisanship on every level: Republican vs. Democrat; Christianity vs. social issues; social justice vs. casual apathy; deserved income vs. deserved taxation.

Realistically, it is more trouble than not to remove myself from the arena, but my temptation to escape does not come from anger or bitterness. Honestly, it’s a result of sadness because I realize that I am prone to this and so are you. I’m sure you can relate to the ease of getting lost in political discourse, thinking about what you would say in this or that situation as someone bashes the candidate you are considering for your vote or “proves” the inaccuracy of Christianity by citing Wikipedia.

Here’s what I have come to learn about the internet: No one wins. No matter how well your case is made, there will be a fringe source of information or a Youtube video somewhere that can be brought as retaliation and proven inaccuracy to anything being said – regardless of its expertise. There are no guidelines, no rules, no laws to how discussions proceed. Even the greatest coward can become an expert sitting behind a computer screen writing words he/she would never say to someone’s face.

I am not against having opinions. I probably don’t have enough of them, or if I do maybe they need to be better informed. I just think we walk through our lives with a lot of misplaced hope. No politician will fix our brokenness. No tax code or balanced budget will repair the sensitivity we have towards our dissatisfaction with life. No victorious social agenda will liberate us from our feelings of discontentment. Nor will a faith in Christ be made evident through mere regurgitations of apologetic blogs.

We need something beyond all of this. We need a true hero who can reach into the dirt of all that we have soiled and make it right. Life is a mess and we can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. We’ve known that all along, but it’s not hopeless – we just need to find hope in what can actually give it to us. I believe that is Jesus when He is seen for who He is and what He offers, not what people are fed through soundbites and headlines of those who use Him for personal gain.

Maybe you disagree with me and that’s okay, but I would love to talk to you about it…let’s just try to have that conversation face to face.


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