Dr. James Allman Chapel


A few days ago, Dr. James Allman spoke at the DTS Chapel service and preached a sermon from Psalm 34. His message was an incredible refreshment and I have included the chapel’s video at the bottom of this post. More than anything else, the quote below confronted me as I walked away from his words. It’s a good “perspective setter” if you will and has me humbled over my general complaints towards life. If you have the time, his chapel is worth watching.

[The following portion begins at 32:40]

We have looked at every resource and found that there is none but God. We are broken-hearted because everything we hoped in failed. We are crushed because our enemies are always too powerful for us. We are downcast; we are weak in spirit because we don’t have the will to stand up. You don’t need a stronger will – you need a stronger God whom you can trust when the events of life are overwhelming. 

Then, when you have that God whom you can trust when the events of life are overwhelming, you can come into them with joy because you know your God. With delight; with rejoicing because you know your God. Not because the hardships are going to be easy. They are not. They are going to be hard. Not because the hardships will just fade away. They won’t. They will get worse because God is in the business of making our lives impossible so that He is the only reason why we do anything we do. 

But when I have a God that I can trust, even such times I can face rejoicing in the Lord.


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