Face To Face


On my way home last night, as I was listening to a song called Skin and Bones by the band, Fit For a King, one line in particular stirred me to such a great reminder:

“I know that one of these days I’ll finally see You face to face at the golden gates.”

I cannot wait for the day I see the Lord face to face. What a day that will be. As the pangs of mortality burn away in His presence, there will be rest – there will be peace. While we see in a mirror dimly lit today, then we will see Him as He is. We will dwell with Him in His house forever.

How much Jesus secured for us in His death at the hands of corrupt sinners – not simply that we might be cleared of our sins, but that we would be cleansed of them and welcomed into the presence of God as pure, holy, blameless, and unadulterated sons and daughters. Better yet, heirs of the riches of Heaven.

Even friends of this Holy Creator like Abraham.

Our faces will shine in His presence just as Moses’ did at Mount Sinai. We will bow in eternal joy and be asked to rise unashamed. The treasures we receive will be gladly returned in worship of the true Treasure of Eternity. Because of Christ, our Savior, in the midst of our frailty; our weariness; our tears; our trials; our sadness – in the midst of it all we can hope. Because of Christ giving Himself over to the hands of death, we can look forward to life.

Because of Jesus, one day we will see our King face to face.


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