Book Review: Delighting In The Trinity

Delighting In The Trinity

What would you say if you were asked to answer the question: “Who is God?” When it comes to the Christian faith, the doctrine of the Trinity is as crucial as any because it describes the identity of the God who is at its center. Ultimately, this is what makes Christianity perfectly unique in comparison to the rest of the world’s religions. This is what Michael Reeves argues for in his short work, Delighting In The Trinity.

For all of the complex theological cacophonies that tend to result in our conversations over the Trinity, Reeves moves with ease and great wit as he introduces his readers to a deeply accessible doctrine that is not meant to be far off, but intimately near; not mind-numblingly convoluted, but swiftly refreshing to the soul. Admittedly, this doctrine is shrouded in divine mystery and cannot be properly constrained by human reason, but God has revealed Himself as Triune and given us His Word as a means for understanding how the great King of the Universe has functioned in such a remarkable manner before the outset of history as we know it.

Reeves opens his work by  seeking to answer the question I posed at the beginning of this entry – “Who is God?” Or more specifically, “What was God doing before Creation?” From there, he presents his readers to the Loving, Life-Giving Father of the Bible who, because of His infinite love for His Son, created the world and all its inhabitants out of the overflow of His heart and is pleased to share His love for the Son with all creation through His Holy Spirit. Reeves tactfully highlights each member of the Trinity with balance and care, showing their equal distinction and perfect unity with one another. Page after page reads of the God who creates without need for anything; who has eternally existed in intimate, loving community; who stoops and comes down from His rightful place in Heaven to enter into His creation in order to redeem His people.

Before you know it, as the truths of the Trinity leap from each paragraph, you will find yourself drawn into deep worship for the God of the Bible. The strength of Reeves’ Delighting In The Trinity is its highly-readable content. He has made what has often been relegated to “scholarly minds” a more than tangible reality for anyone who picks up the book. This work is a must read for anyone not well-acquainted with the beautiful truths of the Trinitarian God. Many throughout history have toiled, sweat, and bled to preserve the doctrine of the Trinity because it is a sweet and powerful reality underlying the intimate presence of God in His creation.

You can purchase a copy of Michael Reeves’ book by clicking here.


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