Spontaneity Is Telling

Dallas WillardOne of my favorite quotes is one that has been proven true over and over in my life. It is this: “Whatever you’re concerned about will lead you to what you’ll worship. And on what you worship hinges your destiny.” Russell Moore wrote that in his book, Tempted and Tried, which is one I have highlighted on this blog previously.

I recently happened across a quote from Dallas Willard in his work, The Divine Conspiracy, which challenged me in a similar way. It is a thoughtful word to consider during the Christmas season.

Where we spontaneously look for “information” on how to live shows how we truly feel and who we really have confidence in. And nothing more forcibly demonstrates the extent to which we automatically assume the irrelevance of Jesus as teacher for our “real” lives.

What is seemingly spontaneous in our lives can often be the clearest evidence for where our affections truly lie.


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