Book Review: Blind Spots


Everyone has gifts. Everyone has talents. Everyone brings something unique to the table. Yet, no matter how equipped, everyone has a blind spot. And the church is no exception. That’s why Collin Hansen wrote his new book, Blind Spots, in which he works to encourage an appreciation of diversity within the Body of Christ. Too often today, the church finds itself crippled by congregational division stemming from a lack of appreciation for the skills of another.

blind-spots-quote09In his book, Hansen touches on three groups of people seen within the church today—the compassionate, the courageous, and the commissioned. Each boasts a potential for good in the world at large, but also stands to divide if lacking humility. For example, the courageous walk in boldness. Courageous Christians know doctrine, stand for truth, and risk conviction even when it costs. And yet, at times they discredit the church through aggressive tactics even isolating themselves from other believers in pride.

Blind spot.

Similarly, a compassionate Christian may rightly embody the gift of presence, mourning with those who mourn (Rom. 12:15), but will she also love those who see her empathy as enabling, or worse, unjust?

The commissioned Christian works tirelessly to bridge the gap between Christ and the lost, striving with urgency to make the Gospel beautiful to those who have yet to embrace it, but will he practice patience with those who lack the willingness to join him? Will he compromise orthodoxy for the sake of “conversion”?

No one person can do everything. Regardless of giftedness, everyone has blind spots. Even more humbling is the truth that most of the time, we cannot see them on our own. Because of this, Hansen argues that Christians need deeply honest relationships within the church. We must learn to appreciate the diversity in which God has crafted blind-spots-quote01 his church for the sake of functioning as a cohesive Body and living free of divisive insecurities. We need the safety of pointing out the blind spots among our brothers and sisters. The only way we’ll begin to do that is by seeing Christ as more beautiful than the perceived benefit of our talents.

Blind Spots offers Scripture-saturated counsel to Christians in need of this message.

Click here to read the first chapter of the book or take this quiz to find out your own blinds spots.



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