Leaving Behind a Prophetic Legacy


By now, you have surely heard—there is a lot at stake in this presidential election. Some have gone so far as to suggest the winning candidate has the potential to shape the landscape of American society for generations to come. They are not necessarily wrong. Between issues related to abortion, religious liberty, race relations, sexual-gender ethics, and a vacant Supreme Court seat any number of arguments have been cast as reasonable evidence to vote for (or against) either candidate.

As with any decision, we all come to the table with a specific worldview. Mine is that of a conservative evangelical Christian. In the last three presidential elections, nearly eight in ten white evangelicals have voted for the Republican nominee, noting a consistent rejection of the Democratic platform.

As a conservative Christian, I understand the aggressive opposition to Hillary Clinton’s election…

*You can read the rest of this post at Fathom Magazine.

Cover image by Jan Tielens.


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