Whose Name Are You Chasing?


Few names have survived the test of time like John Calvin. During the Protestant Reformation, he was one of the most prolific writers and teachers producing numerous volumes of commentaries as well as his magnum opus: the Institutes of the Christian Religion. To this day, his legacy echoes in the footsteps of parishioners gathering in Reformed sanctuaries around the world, in the development of Protestant theology and in the city of Geneva where he devoted the majority of his life to teaching and preaching the Word of God.

Yet, as the end of his life approached, Calvin recognized that his contributions had created a level of fame for him that would likely endure beyond his days. Because of this, he made a strange request—he asked to be buried in an unmarked grave in order to prevent future pilgrimages to his gravesite. In death, he desired not that future generations would look upon him, but that they would look upon his Savior…

*You can read the rest of this post at The Village Church Resources.


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